Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quilt Market Recap

I attended International Quilt Market this past weekend. It was so much fun.

 I went with Caroline to help promote our new book.  We were able to do a Schoolhouse presentation and show off all the projects in a fun fashion show.

We recruited a bunch of friends and attendees to help us out. I wish I had some pictures of everyone walking the runway.
We also got to give away some books and sign them.  It was really fun to talk to people and hear how they were excited to use our book.  Thanks for snapping this pic Girl Charlee.

We also taught a little Make and Take based on a simplified version of the Foxy Cell Phone Cozy in the book.  I know you are getting excited to see all the projects in the book. Just so you know we are having a month long blog hop full of sneak peeks starting on Monday so stay tuned and I'll get you the details.

While I wasn't "working" at quilt Market I was able to walk around and see all of the wonderful displays and eye candy. I took pictures of my favorites and since I know my mom and sister at least are dying to see them here is my photo dump. :) I'll do my best to label them but no time for links today so if you like what you see google it!

Look at this fun display of lusciously draped Joel Dewberry Rayons. They feel just like butter.
 Heather Bailey's pretty booth with her AMAZING new owls.

Anna Maria Horner's Honor Roll love.

And she is reprinting a combination of her Little Folks and Good Folks lines all in quilting cotton!

Kaffe Faucett. I love the bookcases quilt!

A fascinating quilt by Denise Schmidt. and that dress is amazing.

I love Carolyn Freidlander's modern style. And that couch! Look, even the back of the cushions are quilted.

Cool tents at the Alexander Henry booth

David Butler's fabric. Hooray for fabric that is a little more manly.

I loved this quilting detail on the bags at Amy Butler's booth. She has the best ribbons too.

Tula Pink love

The sweet set up of my roomie, Jennifer Heynen. I didn't get a very good picture so I stole this one from her. She makes the cutest stuff.

I got to meet up with Maureen Cracknell and see how her booth came together. Can  you spy my bags?

She won best new exhibitor. Woohoo!

Kristina Rocella's booth

It was fun to meet up with Sara from Sew Sweetness. She has amazing bag patterns and always has cool Quilt Market outfits.

Bonnie Christine's Hello bear collection.  Did you know her little boy is named Bear?

The Charley Harper booth.

I'm such a sucker for these bold prints. Here's a little fox footstool.

Sample spree was wild as usual with the Cotton and Steel table being the craziest that I went to. Here they are with a table almost bare 30 minutes into it.  I'll save my fabric finds for another post.

Perhaps the most fun about quilt market is seeing people you only know online. The best surprize was when I walked onto the floor that first day and ran into my first blogging friend Nikki from the Girl Who Quilts, I had no idea she'd be there, but it was so fun to meet her in real life. She is a long arm quilter and was there helping her friend in her booth.

I got to room with Heather from Girly Charlee (left) and meet up with Stephanie from the Modern Sewciety podcast (Right)

There was more, so much more, including a whole quilt display with 100's of beautiful quilts. I really had so much fun and am so grateful for the opportunity to go.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wild and Free Clutches

Hi everyone...I survived quilt market!! Woohoo! Quilt market at 7 mo. pregnant is not quite the same as it was last year. I came home and took a five hour nap yesterday and hit the ground running today. Look for a full Quilt Market post tomorrow, but today I wanted to quickly show a couple more of the items that I made for Maureen Cracknell's Quilt Market booth.

I had a couple of trial panels laying around from the Garden Tiles bag I made for her so I thought I stitch them up into a pair of cute clutches.

They have recessed zippers in the top. I experimented with a couple different ways of inserting the zipper, but sadly didn't get a shot of them.  

I also added a little ring to the side and tassles made from the left over knit fabric. I love this little detail. It gives you a little something to hold onto.

So there you have it. It is fun to be able to experiment and play with such pretty fabric. 
Thanks Maureen!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Meredith's Dress Mash Up

Mer has been dreaming up dresses lately. We decided that if we were going to get good at making dresses we like we better start practicing. She designs them and I sew them up.  Someday I hope she'll have a little more interest in sewing but for now it's fun to try to recreate her visions. 

This is just a "muslin".  It was our practice dress to make sure we got everything right before cutting into this pretty Ponte de Roma from Girl Charlee.

It still needs a little tweaking. We used the top of this dress...

and bottom of this one as the inspiration for the pattern,

The fabric is Laguna Cotton Stretch Jersey from Robert Kaufman.  It made one super comfortable dress. I wish it fit me. I might have to size it up and make a maternity version of this. :)

 The jersy has a bit less structure than the Ponte de Roma that we plan on using so it will be interesting to see how the next one turns out. 

 The waistline turned out a little big and the bodice was a little too long so I added a little casing for some elastic. It totally solved the problem I think.  I'm going to change the pattern a bit for our next try though.

I do have one request...will someone PLEASE tell me how to hem with a double needle so the fabric doesn't bump out between the stitch lines.

Other than the hemline, I love how this turned out! What do you think?

 Stay tuned for the next version.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sewing with "Wild & Free"

 I've received some lovely shipments of Art Gallery Fabric over the last couple of weeks and I'm super excited to share with you today some of the projects I sewed up with them. Maureen Cracknell has a new fabric line that she'll be debuting at Quilt Market next week. It's called Wild and Free.  She sent me a few of her precious strike offs to play with and sew up some handbags for her booth.

 The 2 prints on the right and left are actually knits.  Jersey with spandex knits. They are luscious!!
She also sent me a bunch of coordinating solids to use.

Want to see the bags I made?
For these first two I used the Beautiful Belle Handbag Pattern by Amy Butler. I decided to add a little color blocking.

For the 3rd one I used my Garden Tiles pattern minus the tiles of course. Each side is different.

I just love the side cinching on this bag. (I have a pattern in the works for this one).

I have a couple more little things I'm sewing up with the scraps that I'll show you soon. I had so much fun sewing these up, You should check out Maureen's blog to see all the other awesome things she's been sewing up with her fabric. Her thread sketching is amazing!! I can't wait to see how her booth turns out.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Biscornu Pincushion

It's beginning to feel just a little bit like Fall here.  After all, the temperature dropped to about 60 degrees one night this week.  It's not much but it took the edge off the heat just a smidge. I just came home from the store with Pumpkins! I've got to figure out a way to decorate for Halloween while still keeping our house ready to "show" since we are still trying to sell it. Anyhow, my Mom's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I made her a little pincushion. Not that she needs another pincushion, as she is a doll clothing designer and has many pincushions on her table, but this little Biscornu was such an intriguing and easy design I just had to try it out.
It's made of just 2 charms squares.  You basically sew the points of each square to the middle of the other one. The side looks like a zig zag but the top looks rounded.  I learned how to make one from the It's Sew Easy show on PBS. 

I added a little fabric covered button to it too. We think it would be extra fun to sew this up with a patchwork top.  The fabrics I used are Ann Maria Horner prints from her Dowry line. I love this deer. This print just looks so wintery to me.  I also sent her some glass headed pins to try out.  They are supposed to be sharper and shorter and better to sew with when you are making small things like doll clothes.
That's all for now!!