Friday, November 20, 2015

More Handmade gifts in the Etsy Shop

Rachel has been sewing up a storm and filling up our Etsy Shop.  Woohoo!! She's been working so hard I thought I'd show off some of her stuff. But before I get to that I just want to let you know that I get to be the curator for the Handmade Holiday on Sew Mama Sew today. Click over to their website to see my list of must sew Handbag tutorials for everyone on your gift list this year.  

Okay now for some Handbag goodness.

This bag is called the Vinca Zip Top bag. It has a pretty piecing on the front and back.

 The inside has a zipper pocket and slip pockets and the top stays closed nicely with another lovely zipper.

The piecing on this Vinca is a little different than the first.  I just love the way it turned out with the zippered top. 

She also sewed up some coordination Girlfriend Clutches.

This is the Pleated Shoulder Bag in Purple Zebra.  I love it's simple design and I think the zebra pattern on that purple fabric is cool.

The inside of this one has a zipper pocket and some slip pockets as well.

And one more  Pleated Shoulder Bag.

She also listed a bunch of Painter's Clutches. You can find more info about the Painter's Clutch in this post.

The inside of all of them has an invisible snap and a divider like pocket so you can keep your keys and phone separate

You can find more details on all of these bags in the Shop.

Happy Browsing!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Behind the Scenes

I've pulled out my Garden Tiles Bag pattern to work on lately.  It's been dusted off and is getting ready for a good polishing. Which means pretty new step by step photos. I've purchased a whole stack of beautiful Wild and Free fabric this week that I can use.

My mission of the day is to start cutting it up. I'll keep you posted on my progress on my Instagram feed. I will likely be looking for pattern testers for the Garden Tiles bag soon so let me know if you are interested.

Until next time.. Happy Sewing !

Monday, November 2, 2015

Making Halloween- Guardians of the Galaxy

I had a wild week of Halloween sewing last week. I spent any moment of spare time I had sewing Guardians of the Galaxy costumes for my 3 littlest boys.  I'm pretty excited about how all they all turned out. I posted some pics on Instagram but I wanted to post them here too and tell a little about how I made them.

My biggest boy wanted to be Star Lord. So for this costume I basically just had to make a jacket.  I drafted a pattern from a couple of shirts that fit him and then made up a practice version out of junk fabric just to make sure I was on the right track.

 I picked up a yard of Vegan leather from Girl Charlee for the real jacket.  This fabric is really amazing. I'm impressed with the quality.  You can stretch it and the vinyl finish on the front doesn't crack or anything.  (I bought the 12 oz weight fabric). The needle does however leave piercing marks so you have to be a little careful.  I used every bit of the 1 yard to make it. I also used bits and pieces of other vinyl I had on hand for the rest of the accents like this shoulder pad. 
 I learned a few things working with so much vinyl for these projects. You can't really pin vinyl because the piercing marks will show, BUT if you pin right where you are going to stitch it works out just fine. I also used a leather needle to stitch through all the layers. 

 To finish it off I bought a set of snaps at Joann and used a strip of brown cotton to face the placket. All in all the coat took me about $15 in materials to make.

 Next up  we have Rocket Racoon. I spent the most time on this costume. There were just so many details that I had a hard time knowing when to stop. Plus I was just having a lot of fun looking at all the Rocket pictures and trying to copy this outfit in a doable way.
 The jumpsuit is just basically a front piece and a back piece sewn together with a jersey knit strip sewn in at the crotch to make it moveable.  This vinyl was felt backed and ultra stiff (purchased for $5 at Joann) It was the only thing I could find that was the right color but it was a pain to work with. I made the pattern for the jumpsuit and tested it out a couple of times in junk fabric before I cut it out of the vinyl. I stitched it all up using a basting stitch to make sure it fit right and then I unpicked most of the seams to be able to sew on all the detail.

 I spraypainted the leftover vinyl with silver and black to make the detail pieces.
Here's a peek of the back. I used a hook and eye to close the back and stitched on a little tail at the last minute.

For the fur I just handstitched some fur pieces to the sleeves of a black long sleeved shirt we had on had. I made some fur leg cuffs that didn't really fit right and called it good.  Really I could have done a better job on these but I was loosing steam and running out of time. He loved it so I'd say it was a win. Total price was $5 for the vinyl, Everything else I had on hand. The awesome fur came from my Mom's basement fabric stash. It was perfect.

 Lastly I made a Baby Groot costume for the littlest guy.
I whipped this one out in about 4 hrs and turned 1 1/2 yards of interlock knit into a wearable mass of tangled roots and thread. Its a little crazy but I love it. 

 To make it, I traced a sleeper for a pattern and added a zipper to the back seam. I sewed up the shoulder and the sleeve seams and then appliqued a ton of rolled 3" strips to it before stitching up the side seams. I basically just hemmed the neckline and trimmed the thread and I was done.

For the hat I made a wide headband and sewed more "roots" to it. Sadly his little hat got lost on Halloween night. Oh well. 

And that's that! I forgot how much I love sewing Halloween costume. Can't wait until next year. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Newest Etsy Listings - Handbags!

Take a look at our newest shop listings! I'm clearing out my closet full of sample items that I sewed for my book "Just for You".  I had to sew a bunch of partially made items for the publisher to photograph and show all the steps in the pattern. Instead of hoarding all those partially made items I finished sewing them up am giving you all a chance to get your hands on them.  You know, for those times you look at a pattern and say "I would really like to just buy that instead of make it"... well here's your chance.  Check them out!

Here we have the Venna Tote.  Read more about the makings of this in THIS post

This is the Crafty Stachel designed by Sara Lawson

Here's another Crafty Satchel that I sewed up for Purse palooza. SOLD OUT!

The sweet little Mini Dresden Coin pouch designed by Amy Friend

 This is the Bella Pouch designed by Bonnie Rosales. This is not in the same fabrics from the book. It was one of the pouches I sewed up to test the pattern.

And this last one I listed in the Kate Handbag. It's not in the book but it's from a design I came up with and sewed up a couple years ago.  (like I said I'm clearing out the closet) It even has my "vintage" Blue Susan tag inside, lol! I love this bag! It's even the Pantone color of the year...Marsala!

Now if you actually want to sew one of these pretty bags you can find the patterns (except the Kate Handbag) in my book Just for You:Selfish Sewing which you can find signed for you in the shop as well.

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Filling up the Etsy Shop!

Hello!!!! My sister flew into town for a little Blue Susan "sewing retreat" and we have been sewing like mad.  We listed a whole bunch of fun stuff in our Etsy Shop and are super excited to show it off here. There's more to come too but in the mean time look at all this handmade goodness..,,

Our favorite Key fobs. They make finding your keys a breeze!

And remember my little wallet? I promised I would tell you when I made some more and here they are.

Stay tuned because there is more coming, including a bunch of samples from my book Just for You!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Sewing

Summer! I will miss lazy days of heading to the beach, visiting cousins, and no schedule. My kids go back to school this week. It's a little bittersweet for me. The "sweet" will definitely having a little more down time to sit and sew I hope. I thought I would show you some of the sewing I did this summer. I officially finished Thomas' blanket. 

I used some of a jellyroll of Cotton + Steel basics and loosely based this quilt off of one in the book Little Things To Sew by Oliver + S

I just love how it turned out. Maybe most though I love the backing where I improv pieced his name. 

I also tried out a little zig zag meandering stitching pattern.

He started growing out of his pjs and so I took an old sleeper apart and used it to make a pattern for a new one that's just a little bigger.  I used some jersey with spandex scraps that I had in my stash.  I LOVED the challenge of making this.   I missed a slightly crucial step though, I forgot to reinforce the snap and now there is a nice hole where it's supposed to be. live and learn! 

I've been running the Facebook page for the Just for You Sewlebrity Sewalong in my spare time. Have you joined us over there yet? Here are a couple of skirts I've made for it.
This one is the Night Circus Skirt. It's a 6 gore skirt that is soooooo comfortable.  I sewed it up in this woven dot fabric I picked up from the clearance rack at Joann a couple of years ago.
Next up is the Knit Faux wrap skirt. I sewed this in a Ponte de Roma that I bought from Girl Charlee.  You might recognize it, I used it for Meredith's dress mash up as well.

I've also been playing around with some new pattern designs. I made myself a little card wallet. Just a simple card holder with a little zipper pouch for coins. My sister is sewing some of these up for our Etsy Shop. I'll give you a heads up when they are listed.

And I made my sis a new handbag. I don't have a finished shot of it but I here's a little glimpse. It turned out really cute and I will be patterning it one day. For now you can enjoy a little taste of Anna Maria Horner's Folksong.

Okay that's all for now. Happy Sewing!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Mini Tulip Tote - 2 chances to win!

So as you know I released my first PDF pattern a couple of weeks ago. If you didn't get a chance to see it you can find it in my Etsy Shop. It's called the Mini Tulip Tote. Let me just say that it's been so fun and exciting to get feedback from you all. And I'm so grateful to my fellow bloggers who have helped me get the word out about it. 
 Caroline showed off her tote on SewCanShe last week. I actually gave this one to Caroline on her birthday a couple of years ago. At the time, we were in the thick of  writing our book Just for You.  She's giving a Mini Tulip Tote pattern away on her site and her giveaway is open until Wednesday so go click on over and enter.  Thanks Caroline!

Next up, Michelle from Falafel and the Bee posted her sweet blue Tie Dye version today. Head over to Falafel and the Bee to get the whole story and for another chance to win a free pattern. I just love her photography and her cute model. She is always sewing up something fantastic so you may want to take a minute and browse while you're there. Thanks Michelle! 

And last but not least, I got a sweet email from Maryann from Picperfic's Blog last week showing me the Mini Tulip Tote that she made after purchasing the pattern. You can read more about it on her blog.  Thanks for sharing Maryann, you made my day!!